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Zingrill Holdings Pte Ltd and its portfolio of restaurant brands

Zingrill Holdings Pte Ltd operates and manages a group of restaurant brands namely:

  • Seoul Garden
  • Seoul Garden HotPot
  • Chef Noodle Singapore
  • Korbi Grill

Collectively, we will name the portfolio of restaurants as ‘Zingrill’. All customers who patronise the above portfolio of restaurants are defined as ‘Zingrill Customers’

The Zingrill Holdings Pte Ltd Privacy Policy and Disclosure Policy

Zingrill Holdings Pte Ltd, as it is permitted by law to do, directly, or through its third-party vendors, collects on or from this website and/or FACEBOOK platform, certain information provided by its customers so that it can provide its restaurant services and products, including the ability to make and accept reservations for its portfolio of restaurant brands on-line.

The Zingrill Websites (as defined below) and Zingrill Social Media Platforms (as defined below) also allow customers to communicate with Zingrill issues of customer service and to provide feedback on services. Zingrill sometimes uses this customer information to analyse customers' interests so that it can tailor programs and special offers to better address its customers' needs.

A list of website names ("URLs") to which this Policy applies is set forth below. These websites shall be referred to collectively as the " Zingrill Websites":

Zingrill Websites:

A list of social media site names to which this Policy applies is set forth below. These social media sites shall be referred to collectively as the “Zingrill Social Media Platforms”:

Zingrill Social Media Platforms:



Categories of Information Zingrill Collects

Online Reservations for members and registered user
To process an online reservation for Seoul Garden portfolio of restaurant brands for members, we will ask for member's name, birthdate (for sending birthday wishes, or birthday gift when necessary), gender (for salutation), electronic-mail address, IC number (for verification), mailing address (for sending vouchers and member’s card), telephone number (for notification), booking dates and arrival time, number of patrons in that group, and any special requests or needs.

Customer Service
When Zingrill customers make customer-service requests, Zingrill will ask for the customer's name, mailing address or email address, telephone number and other information that will allow Zingrill to respond to the request or to resolve any problems at Zingrill.

Electronic Surveys
Zingrill, directly, or via third party vendor, conducts online surveys, from time to time, to evaluate its services. Participation in such surveys is voluntary, but customer information is collected during such online surveys for verification purposes, such as name, mailing address, and electronic mail address.

Zingrill sometimes offer special promotions or contests through which customers can win prizes. Each of these promotions and contests will have a set of terms and conditions that apply to that event. In some cases, the customer is automatically entered in the contest simply by using the Zingrill Websites or meeting some other condition for that contest. In entering such a promotion or contest, the customer's name, electronic-mail address, or other personal information will be collected to identify the customer and for notification purposes.

Zingrill’s ‘My Preferred Card’ (MPC) Membership
Applying the Zingrill ‘My Preferred Card’ Membership is voluntary, and subject to a customer meeting MPC eligibility criteria. The information provided by a customer to MPC Membership for the purpose of registration cannot be accessed, reviewed and updated any time by the public even upon the successful application of membership. Update or changes can only be done by Zingrill website administrator. Request for update and changes from members on membership data or profile must be made directly from members ONLY, and this is through request notification via electronic-mail channel ONLY to our Zingrill website Administrator.

Use of Information Collected
Personal data collected, like name, gender, mailing address, electronic-mail address, and IC number are strictly for internal use; for identification, verification and notification purposes. Zingrill will not share the customer information with any third party. When customers use credit cards to purchase goods or services, Zingrill may share information provided by customers with the relevant credit card company. Please also see next section ‘Compliance to DO NOT CALL protocol under Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)’.

Compliance to DO NOT CALL protocol under Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)
Zingrill does send out text messages (defined as messages via customer’s mobile phone, usually through sms) to its members and customers but it is usually in response to a query, or response to a feedback in which the customers are expecting the messages from Zingrill.

Zingrill will also send out text messages on basis of notification, for example, to notify customers that they have booked a table with Zingrill as reminder. Zingrill does not use text message for unsolicited sales pitch, and neither does it directly call (defined as marketing calls) Zingrill customers with any (unsolicited) sales pitch. If Zingrill has to call, it is usually about response to a query, returning a call, or call to confirmed a booking, in which the customers are expecting a call or message from Zingrill.

Legal Requirements
Zingrill will also disclose customer information, without first seeking or obtaining the customer's permission, if Zingrill believes, in good faith, that such disclosures are required by any applicable law or pursuant to any court order or if such disclosures are necessary to investigate activities that may be harmful or injurious to the Zingrill Websites, to Zingrill Social Media Platform, MPC members, Zingrill customers or employees, or to any Zingrill portfolio of restaurants.

Service Providers
Zingrill relies on third parties to provide services both through the Zingrill Websites, Zingrill Social Media Platforms and in other communications (like Mail Fulfilment). While Zingrill requires such providers to conform to these privacy policies and guidelines, Zingrill cannot control and shall not be responsible for their conduct if they fail to abide by these policies and guidelines.

Third Party
Websites Zingrill cannot control and is not responsible for the collection of personal information by third-party websites, including websites owned or controlled by survey site like TRIIBE, which the website is not controlled or authorised by Zingrill.

Customers may be able to access third-party websites through links on the Zingrill Websites and Zingrill Social Media Platforms. Such third-party websites have their own separate privacy practices and policies. Zingrill has no control over and no responsibility or liability for the practices and policies implemented by such third parties on their websites. Customers should communicate directly with such third party websites to get information about their privacy practices and policies.

This Policy and Disclosure does not cover customers who enter the Zingrill Websites and Zingrill Social Media Platform through links from non- Zingrill Websites or Zingrill Social Media Platforms, such as other content providers.

Privacy Policy Changes
Zingrill reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy and Disclosure Policy. Zingrill will post such revisions by a link on the Zingrill Websites and Zingrill Social Media Platforms

Effective Date
This Privacy Policy and Disclosure became effective as of August 01, 2014

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In order to provide multiple access points to the services and products we offer, Zingrill operates directly through many Zingrill Web Sites, and Zingrill Social Media Platforms, including but not limited to:

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