Seoul Garden Group of restaurants, the pioneers of Korean dining concepts in Singapore since 1983.

Leveraging on its diversified presence and experience in Korean food and culture, an expression of the Group’s transformation journey clearly denotes its Vision to set its global footprints as the leading International Korean dining provider anchored in Asia. The group, alongside with its transformative energies to stay agile, engages and embraces the demands and needs in the ever-arduous industry. It has in place stringent processes and places great importance on key areas such as product development, quality, as well as marketing and branding. This attributed to its success as a multi award-winning business today, with an umbrella of well-established household brand names such as SEOUL GARDEN–a Grill-and-Hotpot buffet concept and HOTPOT by Seoul Garden Group –an ala-carte Korean dining concept. To date, the dynamic and forward-looking Seoul Garden Group has anchored its footprints in 7 countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam), with 78 outlets in the region.